Why Choose an Alternative Lender?

Why Choose an Alternative Lender?

Despite the ubiquity of businesses throughout Ireland and the UK, SME business owners have historically had difficulty obtaining funding, whether for working capital or property purchases. Fortunately, the alternative financing business has emerged to address this issue. 

Alternative lenders offer company loans that are accessible, flexible, and quick to finance, whereas banks and credit unions frequently turn away small enterprises. Are you unsure whether an alternative loan solution is good for your company? Thrive Financial are here to assist you.

What are alternative lenders?

Alternative lending refers to funding from outside of the traditional pillar bank lending ecosystem. Alternative lenders have seen a gap in the market to fund property development given reduced lending levels from traditional banks in that sector. Below are some of the benefits of alternative lending.



  • Simplicity: Many borrowers turn to the alternative lenders because it circumvents the complicated and overdrawn process of securing a bank loan.
  • Speed: It can often take many months to receive bank funds; most businesses don’t have the luxury of waiting that long. 
  • Flexibility: Securing funding is a challenge in and of itself, but you don’t want to end up locked into a contract with little flexibility for repayment. When selecting an alternative lending provider, opt for ones that allow you to continue to operate your business without too many restrictions. 

  • Approval rates: When looking at alternative lending options, you want to weigh the likelihood of receiving the loan vs the likelihood that your application is rejected. Depending on your business type and operations, different methods of funding will be more appropriate than others.

  • Transparency: It’s important to take into account the reputation of a given lender when considering your options. Be wary of lenders that are not transparent about their fees and interest rates. At the end of the day, your funding should allow you to grow your business at scale; if you’re drowning in unexpected fees, it may be time to reconsider your alternative lending provider. 

Lending Options

There are a wide range of property types, loan types and special circumstances, meaning a single lender simply cannot offer loan facilties that cover all circumstances. You may waste a considerable amount of time simply trying to find a lender that offers the finance you need. Thrive Financial has relationships in place with multiple lenders who can offer a wide range of lending options.

Whether you are in need of a construction loan, a long-term fixed rate loan or a bridge loan, Thrive Financial will be able to provide guidance on the best lending source for you and your business.

We’re here to help

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