The clear definition and refining of business and financial objectives can save a great deal of time and money at every stage of your business journey – and can be the key to survival if you’re experiencing financial difficulty.

Thrive provides the commercial services that can help your company break through new barriers of growth and sustainability.

Financial Consultancy

Thrive Financial Consulting provides your business with an independent financial assessment and expert advice that can be immediately converted into actionable tasks. You can rest assured that your business is reaching its potential with minimal investment.

Business Healthcheck

A Business Health Check is not only suitable for a business struggling financially or a business in distress. Often a second set of eyes are required to unlock the true value of a business. Working closely with the financials on a day-to-day basis can make it difficult to objectively review where there may be cost efficiencies to be achieved, options to improve deteriorating margins or new ways to assess the performance of your business in a timely manner.

Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy can provide the following assistance to your business:

→ Identify opportunities to better allocate your cash resources

→ Review cash flow management

→ Benchmark financial performance against your key competitors

→ Review marketing expenditure and conversion rates

→ Identify any likely working capital short-falls

→ Recommend additional working capital funding sources

→ Review financial and operational reporting practices

→ Report on statutory compliance

→ Review financial performance and budgets

→ Review reporting and Management structure

→ Review labour costs and current model

→ Review fixed & variable expenses

→ Review of all material key contracts

→ Create KPIs to track and measure performance and the impact on financial performance

Banking Analytics

Reduce your banking costs and improve cashflow by undertaking a rigorous review of all funding and banking facilities and benchmark to the industry norms and competitors. At Thrive, we analyse banking fees and transaction costs across all business accounts and loan facilities.

We do this by conducting an in-depth review of overdraft and loan interest charges to accurately assess business financing or funding costs. Once our review has been completed, we will then recommend alternative sources of finance and create a restructuring plan to help your maximise your business’s profits. Thrive will give several options to which the client can see a tangible difference over a set period of time.

Business Expansion

If you are considering investing in your business’s expansion and require additional financing, we can help you source the most suitable option.
At Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy, we help businesses who are considering expanding to determine the most suitable form of financing to reach their goals and objectives.

If you acquire short or long-term debt as a method of financing your business, it is important to ensure that your debt is adequately structured and managed.
Thrive provides business services to a wide range of sectors with specialist experience in Construction, Retail, Property Development, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing and many more.

Outsourced CFO, FD or Financial Controller

If you would like to have the expertise of a CFO, FD or Financial Controller in your small business but can’t afford to hire one – we have the solution. Whether it’s a few hours per week or a couple of days per month, we can provide the support you’re looking for. It’s like having a business management consultant that you can call on when needed. From board reporting, systems implementation, finance team training and development, or just being there as a sounding board to support your decision-making process, Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy can provide a tailored service.

With our outsourced CFO, FD or Financial Controller service, you take advantage of a commercially astute professional fulfilling the role of a CFO, FD or Financial Controller without adding to the employee count and resource costs. Many start-ups, small businesses and even medium sized businesses may not have an internal full-time CFO, FD or Financial Controller, but undertake projects or business transactions that are complex enough to require seasoned finance professionals.

Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy service allows SMEs to scale and have the same skills and resources to help make key business decisions as their larger competitors.
Thrive’s outsourced CFO, FD or Financial Controller differs from an Accountant or Bookkeeper because we offer support that’s beyond the daily administration tasks. We drive the overall business strategy and ensure that the business navigates opportunities and threats as they arise.
Our focus is to analyse the numbers and draw meaningful conclusions so that business owners understand their financial information and are empowered to make the right decisions.
We can accompany you on strategic and operational meetings so that we are across all aspects of your business and maximise the value we return.

A further benefit for start-ups is that an outsourced CFO, FD or Financial Controller, even part time, provides credibility to the company and gives stakeholders a boost in confidence knowing someone independent is engaged with the financial management of the company.
We provide a CFO, FD or Financial Controller to your business on an as-needs basis, a small investment that can prove to generate significant returns.


Thrive Financial provides clients with professional, efficient and affordable modern bookkeeping services, which includes bank reconciliations, payroll, filing tax returns and more. Bookkeeping is a time-consuming procedure which can often distract from other business goals, as such, there are many benefits to outsourcing the work involved with bookkeeping. 
Thrive Financial aim is to help businesses achieve their objectives by handling their bookkeeping requirements in a professional, efficient manner, which is done using the latest cloud software and apps, removing manual record keeping tasks and improving your overall company’s efficiency. 

Our Premium Bookkeeping services include:

  • General Ledger
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts Receivables/Payables Management
  • Prepayments
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Prepare Vat returns, RCT Management, Paye/Prsi returns
  • Real time financial reporting
  • Management accounts preparation


Robust bookkeeping practices benefit the business by helping manage and control the company’s finances, plan for future growth and improve efficiencies. Thrive Financial Bookkeeping platform is accessible 24/7 and charges a fixed monthly fee which can be cheaper and is more efficient than hiring a full-time employee!

Support Services

Support Services is another avenue through which Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy can help you save money. With their existing relationships with other industry professionals, Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy has a preassembled network of professionals including appraisers, accountants, solicitors, company secretarial, company formation, web designers and retirement planning advisors that we work with on a regular basis.  Not only do you not have to spend the time to find these required resources on your own, but often times you can get a reduced rate on the services due to Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy’s existing relationship.